Editorial: Truth and Social Media

Edmonton WestStar interrupts it's hilariously inconsistent satire posting schedule for a moment to 'get real' if it could. Nov 10th 2016 So it has come to light that the state of North American anxiety is at an all time high. Regardless if it is the economy, the current rise of political fascism, or just that …

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Rocky Mountains declare a state of casual indifference towards nearby Albertan city

Awe- inspiring mountain range to remain pretty far away. Recent statement from the mountain peaks declare they are to remain somewhat uninterested in the day to day affairs of the general human population. The Rocky Mountains state that, despite the apparent visibility of them from this tiny and frantically crawling human situation, they are not, …

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Horoscopes: Friday January 22nd 2016

ARIES (March 21 - April 20): Don't limit yourself to tried and trusted sources of music right now. If you feel a certain 1980's pop ballad is in order, well I say go for it. Loudly. TAURUS (April 21 - May 21): You must be true to your beliefs, even if it will compromise your …

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Alberta’s Cancelled Everybody, Go Home

Local publication startles world with blunt phrasing. Edmonton WestStar After what seems like an endless amount of disappointing economic news resulting from an entirely predictable, if not Gatsby-esque crash in oil prices, a local publication has come forward with an announcement. "That's it, Alberta's cancelled everybody. Go home.” Whether or not an province could logistically …

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Increase in Intense Personal Moral Questioning Blights Egg Consumers

As if navigating current global crisis weren’t enough, the local grocery aisles now force local consumers into an ongoing ethical turmoil every time they reach for the long undermined staple, the simple chicken egg. This is largely due to the increase of ‘Egg’ awareness that has resulted from the revolution in the way we see …

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Greens Polling Strong in ‘Too Jaded To Vote’ Demographic

SIDNEY BC – Data from the WestStar Vote Racket poll has revealed strong support for the Green Party of Canada in a sizeable demographic of Canadian non-voters. An impressive 67% of jaded-Canadians responded that “Like, if my vote actually mattered, I would vote Green.” Green Party leader Elizabeth May is also the Prime Minister of choice among those too jaded to …

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flickr celine181 abandoned corridors

Tourist Takes Picture of Corridor

PARIS (OR MAYBE BELGIUM?) – This week, an Edmontonian abroad immortalized European urban life as he snapped a photo of a pedestrian corridor in the historical centre of a French city whose name he will never learn to pronounce. After waiting patiently for several other tourists to clear out of the shot, up-and-coming photographer Peter James used …

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Squirrel Finds Current Canadian Household Debt Alarming

Notable squirrel economist ‘has been preparing for months.’ It seems that it's not only our financial elites who are finding our current overburdened credit situation something to chatter about. Notable economist and financial expert, Black Squirrel That Sometimes Chases Large Grey Squirrel, has released a comment Monday regarding Canadians and their worrisome spending habits, particularly …

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