Tourist Takes Picture of Corridor

PARIS (OR MAYBE BELGIUM?) – This week, an Edmontonian abroad immortalized European urban life as he snapped a photo of a pedestrian corridor in the historical centre of a French city whose name he will never learn to pronounce.

After waiting patiently for several other tourists to clear out of the shot, up-and-coming photographer Peter James used the buildings on either side of the miniature street to provide a frame, brilliantly capturing the “je ne sais quoi aesthetic” of the cobblestone walkway.

“The way the architecture draws the eye to the centre of the shot—it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen,” remarked James, seemingly forgetting the hundreds of similar photographs he’s taken of alleyways, stairwells and door frames in Edmonton.

At press time, James sat in a “quaint” café, framing up his next masterpiece: a close-up of a coffee ring next to an ashtray.

coffeerings _ Marvin Thiel _ Flickr