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“Just doesn’t add up” says top auditor

Cabinet continued to face turmoil after the nation’s top auditor said Tuesday that a recent review of the government’s finances “just doesn’t add up.” “It’s like the damned stock markets in these books,” the auditor concluded. The audit report levels heavy accusations against current and former governments about the use of public funds for “marketing,” champagne-fueled barnburners, and “disproportionate …

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Behind Easterner Lines : Resource Speculation in Québec

Behind Easterner Lines : Resource Speculation in Quebec is a three part series featuring Edmonton Weststar’s chief industry analyst exploring the potential for friendly resource ties to Edmonton’s most bewildering municipal cousin: Montréal.

Editorial: Truth and Social Media

Edmonton WestStar interrupts it's hilariously inconsistent satire posting schedule for a moment to 'get real' if it could. Nov 10th 2016 So it has come to light that the state of North American anxiety is at an all time high. Regardless if it is the economy, the current rise of political fascism, or just that …

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Increase in Intense Personal Moral Questioning Blights Egg Consumers

As if navigating current global crisis weren’t enough, the local grocery aisles now force local consumers into an ongoing ethical turmoil every time they reach for the long undermined staple, the simple chicken egg. This is largely due to the increase of ‘Egg’ awareness that has resulted from the revolution in the way we see …

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Greens Polling Strong in ‘Too Jaded To Vote’ Demographic

SIDNEY BC – Data from the WestStar Vote Racket poll has revealed strong support for the Green Party of Canada in a sizeable demographic of Canadian non-voters. An impressive 67% of jaded-Canadians responded that “Like, if my vote actually mattered, I would vote Green.” Green Party leader Elizabeth May is also the Prime Minister of choice among those too jaded to …

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Over-consumption becomes ‘under-wasting’

The Government of Alberta reveals sweeping new protocols for language and measurement. Edmonton West Star - 16/01/12 Today, the scarcely heard-of and far-reaching omnibus bill F-44 comes into full force. In everything from waste management to soil-sampling, these new wordings and formulas are working towards "re-branding the old wives' tales that are holding us back", …

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Cats, the real 1%

Dec 18th 2012, The Edmonton West Star Feline pets are obviously intelligent individuals when it comes to furry companionship, but what they clearly lack are basic human compassions for others. Their flirtation with taking advantage of everyday hardworking pet owners are huge errors  in moral credibility. The self described job of cats are to pursue …

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Edmontonians ‘bored and clueless’ about arena negotiations

Dec 18th, 2012 The Edmonton West Star A new poll indicates Edmonton area citizens fail to display any level of interest or knowledge in the details of the downtown arena negotiations. An overwhelming 80% of Edmontonian's surveyed replied by simply stating, “Listen. I'm just gonna say what I've been saying all along...” Ward 13 Councillor Tim Bellechuk …

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