Fashion: Local Teenager Considers Fantastic Super Model Life over Regular Life

We are entering in the time of year where folks and citizens from around the globe look into the future with updated expectations. Fitting with this trend, a local teenage boy has looked into the 2017 fashion shift in regards to his post graduate future.

“Well, at first I was looking into more business, or even sciences, but given the state of employment for my demographic right now, I am thinking my life could go into more extreme, if not standing and posing latitudes. The type you’d usually see in this magazine here.”

When asked whether or not he thought his, uh, particular set of attributes would be well suited to this new lifestyle, local teenage boy just shrugs and suggests:

“ Well, see, this magazine here seems to depict every thing that I want, really. I think my current interest in thrill sports and nerdy basement friends could really be strength here. Plus, I also don’t really feel that any other option is available, so why not?  Why not shoot for a life of quiet contemplation and sophisticated leisure-craft?”

Going farther, he also adds “Honestly, with lighting direction like this, and the somewhat sad, but still pragmatic undertones  of this rainy day photo shoot, I mean, I really think that is the life for me. It’s quiet and sad minimalism. A lot of washed out grays maybe? Some wind-burnt wood grain? 2017 is going to be all about the sober, well-accomplished tragic leader, like an intelligent and practical ship captain. I can tell already.”

The beautiful thing about the young people is that they have the positive confidence of never have been beaten down by a life that just doesn’t seem to want to come together here. This teenage boy is no exception.

“Like, I wonder if they have already realized that the Tree/ Hipster Nature/ Arts-and-Crafts movement thing or whatever thing is almost over. I mean, still have trees, obviously you need trees, but, like not make it all about the trees. 2017 super models will lead society into the next five to ten years of drastic, drastic world wide paradigm shifts and technological revolutions like a beautiful Utopian task force of collective moral austerity and consideration. We’re looking at broken highway boulevard shots, wide open, empty spaces,and the frozen desert scene. That is where I will find my others, and unite through my awesome physique and serious expressions.”

A situation that highlights the growing problems for young people of the millennium generation to move into a work force that is already quiet different then it was when the now retiring baby boomers first entered. As local teenage boy states, he was not looking to become a supermodel just a few short years ago, rather, his interests seemed to focus mainly on loud and stupid boy gatherings and farting on his sister’s friends. However, with changing times, comes changing tastes, as the young man explains:

“I am still doing all those things, but yes, I told my father I was going to work in project management in the container fabrication industry, but that really seems really boring and not at all photographically arranged in a way that would make sense for 2017.”

Is this a sign of the mounting desperation in our youth of today, or just another indication that the generation coming after us will be united in a terrifying and attractive all-seeing hyper force? Regardless of the outcome, our future society will look much different once this internet fueled, highly media exposed generation takes over. He leaves us with these words “Stop it with the trees already, just stop it. There are trees on everything right now. Try weather changes or something.”

Edmonton Weststar Dec 12th, 2016