Local Cat Plans Next Move

The Edmonton West Star, January 23rd, 2013- Local cat, Molly, considers next option after graduating high school.Weary of working few hours in retail for low wage, Molly decides to take up grandparents on offer for post secondary education, provided she can earn decent grades. Options included technical training for a career as a dental hygienist, home care worker or daycare associate, as well as a university degree in education or graphic design.

Serious about ‘getting serious’, Molly mulls over the next step in her somewhat repetitive life. She has watched fellow colleagues move on after high school, such as neighbouring orange cat who is challenging the LSAT, as the family dog, Lucy, starts her career with a short but applicable diploma in Media Relations.

Previous to this, Molly has spurned previous attempts to try to get her motivated about her future. Until now, somewhat adolescent activities have dominated her increasingly maturing life. Staying out all night roaming the neighbourhood and sleeping in until twelve just isn’t cutting it for her anymore, as Molly takes her future into her own hands.

However, poor math marks and a reputation for not taking academia seriously in her youth mars her chances for some of the most reputable schools. Still, the options available are still very viable for this fun loving feline who has the rest of her 12 to 15 year life ahead of her. The only disadvantage is the length of some of her more favoured options, such a four year Bachelors of Arts program may leave the already nine year old cat past her prime to enter the work force. To combat this, fellow friends suggest options such as night school, summer school and internships to speed up her education process.

For cats, similar to people, it’s your attitude that determines your altitude in life, and Molly hopes that her change in perspective will usher in a new era of discovery, for an animal who used to spend three hours a day staring out the window. With no kittens or financial responsibilities to weigh her down, Molly has the world ahead of her.