Neighbourhood bird fed up with spouse’s constant flirting


Reliable spring fling may be on his’s way out

The Edmonton West Star 02/05/2013- A neighborhood bird erupted in an alarming, flighty panic this morning over what could have only been deemed a relatively inconsequential issue in local bird affairs. However, witnesses observed a tone of deeper tension between the two individuals, suggesting the possibility of an extra-marital relationship.

Their relationship has been observably stale lately. This coupled with the change in season which has put a sense of new beginning in the mind of the female, (and possibly of more feathery and unsettling bird romance), which seems to have created a barely perceptible undertone that hints at bird scandal.

However, recent personal accounts taken from the spouse in question suggest that the female is only asserting herself as a strong, sociable woman, and her entertainment of gentlemen companions is only a reflection of her independence. That being said, inside close associates tell the Edmonton West Star that her behavior obviously reflects the welcomed presence of the new, white spottly male who has recently taken up roost near her location. Whatever her intentions, the heartbreak continues for the male who may find he needs to up his overall bird performance, that is, if he wants to once again attract the loving attentions of his old reliable springtime plow-town.

Will these two lovebirds reconcile, or will it unfold with one bird potentially flying away suddenly without provocation? Only time spent looking out the window will tell.


Edmonton Weststar 2013