Edmontonians ‘bored and clueless’ about arena negotiations

Dec 18th, 2012 The Edmonton West Star

A new poll indicates Edmonton area citizens fail to display any level of interest or knowledge in the details of the downtown arena negotiations. An overwhelming 80% of Edmontonian’s surveyed replied by simply stating, “Listen. I’m just gonna say what I’ve been saying all along

Ward 13 Councillor Tim Bellechuk expressed his disappointment today in a special public conference. “I’ve been doing literally nothing else for years, except dealing with details of this arena train-wreck. So it’s pretty disheartening to discover most Edmontonians decided over a year ago to stop paying attention and just be disappointed no matter what.”

One of the mayor’s staffers, speaking in anonymity, had harsh words for anyone surprised by today’s news. “Oh that friggin’ Bellechuk is just a bellyacher. He’s a knob job fresh out of college, so he doesn’t realize that people here don’t care. They just don’t care, and they only elect people so they can have someone to blame when it takes too long to drive to work.”

Full results of the poll will be published this spring in the city’s Citizen Satisfaction Plan, The Way We Complain.