Cats, the real 1%


Dec 18th 2012, The Edmonton West Star

Feline pets are obviously intelligent individuals when it comes to furry companionship, but what they clearly lack are basic human compassions for others.

Their flirtation with taking advantage of everyday hardworking pet owners are huge errors  in moral credibility. The self described job of cats are to pursue policies that ‘promote the economic and financial welfare of themselves,’ independent of household politics.

How can you do that if you rely on people to clean up after you? How can you think that if you don’t even know how to open doors? Given that cats can entertain themselves, this controversy isn’t simply going away because they know how to reject being picked up with their nails.

First, it is clear that a upper middle class Canadian suburban feline is potentially the most well-off animal on the face of the planet. Cats have a living standard of ‘perfect’, versus total number of work hours ‘0’, much like some sort of celebrity or wealthy significant.

But all that said, there’s a thing in politics called getting wet cat food: cats failed it, and so did their attitudes.