Special feature: Canadian White Children Remember Horrors of White Colonization

In November’s special feature, the Edmonton West Star presents a series of sympathy quotes from fellow white-raised white children. This is part of this months commemoration of the heroic survivors of Canada’s long history of European colonization and oppression.

Sometimes I think about what it must have been liked for those First Nation children, taken away from their families and forced to live in the Residential schools. I was raised by white parents as well, and I would not wish that on anybody. Even for us white children, that type of lifestyle is not what we would recommend for anybody. Being born into it, it still  doesn’t make any sense.”  – John Stanbech, age 23,  3rd generation Ukrainian.

“You’re always wrong. That’s the only thing our white parents know how to teach us. Their children and anybody other than them are wrong.”  – Chris Baird, age 12,  3rd  generation German-Welsh

“I really don’t understand it, to tell you the truth. Sometimes I wished I lived in a non-white family…a lot of times, actually…sigh…”  – Paul Cerciso, age 7,  3rd generation Irish-Italian.


“What those children must have gone through must have been a nightmare. Imagine knowing you came from a culture that had values, and then having to go through that. At least I can say I never got exposed to anything else. I have nothing to dream about, to remember fondly at night…” – Mary Kowalski, age 12,  4th generation Polish.

“Many days I wake up and wish it wasn’t like this. But the white people, they won’t change.”
– Patty Gairnier, age 6,  4th generation French Canadian.