Behind Easterner Lines : Part three, “October, bon hiver”

Behind Easterner Lines : Resource Speculation in Québec is a three-part series featuring Edmonton Weststar’s chief industry analyst exploring the potential for friendly resource ties to Edmonton’s most bewildering municipal cousin: Montréal.

Part three: Chief examinations on contagious predictions of commodity prices shifting political negotiations:

October. The mornings are crisp but the evening isn’t.
Ahead of me is a young stray cat, ducking off of the sidewalk under a parked car.
Bon hiver,” I quip, and feel sick for chuckling.
Across the street, the same cat runs full speed alongside a young stray of another colour.
Bon hiver!” I laugh with hope.
Behind Easterner Lines resource speculation in québec
Art Hudson is the Weststar’s chief eastern columnist, and acting director of western outreach at the Weststar East.